Grading Info


Most training and practice takes place at club level, however there are 3 main reasons that we take members of the club to alternative venues / dojo's. these are so the club members can attend gradings, courses or competitions.

Judo is a disciplined martial art which has a structured grading system which is designed to reflect a player's developing skills and success in a competition environment. The coloured belt worn by a player denotes the grade that they have achieved.

As you would expect there is a gradual increase in the level of skill, knowledge and ability expected of the judoka as they progress through the grading system.

We have included below links to the current British Judo Council Grading Syllabuses which we are currently using to assist you in knowing what will be expected of you at each point.

To open the full syllabus click the link below.

bullet Full Syllabus

Alternatively revision sheets are available below. Please consult with one of the instructors to ensure you are using the correct sheet(s).


bulletPrimary (6-9 years) bulletJunior (10-15 years) bulletSenior (16 years up)

White Belt (adding red and orange tabs)

White Belt (adding green and blue tabs)

White Belt (adding brown tabs)

White Belt (adding yellow tabs)

Yellow Belt (adding orange tabs)

Orange Belt (adding green tabs)

Green Belt (adding blue and brown tabs)

Blue Belt (adding black tabs)

White Belt (adding red  tabs)

Yellow Belt (adding red tabs)

Orange Belt (adding red tabs)

Green Belt (going to blue and brown belt)

Brown Belt (going to black)